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Airbrush Make Up

Great for an extra glow. Your skin will look flawless from head to toe with no streaking or orange tones.

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Why it's perfect for anybody or any occasion...

When airbrush make-up is applied correctly it will not leave your face with that "caked" feeling. It is very light wearing and provides full coverage that can turn any imperfection into perfection! Plus, imagine never having to touch up your make-up once it's applied. Airbrush is water resistant and has the ability to hold up in even the worst humidity conditions. 'How?' you ask...

Airbrush foundation is sprayed through a hand piece laying little pixels of make-up on the skin. The artist has complete control of the direction and quantity sprayed by holding down a nozzle. These pixels eventually cover the skin leaving that flawless complexion. The Dinair foundation is formulated to work with the airbrush system. This foundation is hypoallergenic and alcohol free so it leaves the skin feeling just as soft and hydrated as it felt the day before. Also, when applied correctly, it will not rub or wear off. The foundation is applied onto the skin, not into the skin; therefore, airbrush will not leave the pores clogged.

Airbrush can give a very light coverage leaving you with natural skin tones showing through. Or, for a fuller coverage, airbrush can be layered to cover skin conditions and scars. Due to the light coverage, airbrush may be sprayed on arms, legs, and torso to even out skin tone or add a little more color for that perfect glow!

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