A classic massage that reduces pain, improves circulation, enhances immune function and relieves stress and anxiety using light to medium pressure. This massage is ideal for everyone.

Deep Tissue

A massage that focuses on releasing and relaxing chronic tension using medium to deep pressure.

Hot Stone

A massage where stones are used on selected parts of the body to relieve tension, stress and pain.


A massage that specializes in the needs of pregnancy as the body goes through dramatic changes. This can be performed in your 2nd and 3rd trimester.

Massage Enhancements

Sinus / 15

Relief of sinus discomfort and congestion.

Scalp / 15

Provides relaxation to allow blood circulation to flow more easily.

Paraffin / 25 for both, 15 per area

Increases hydration by 50% and provides deep, therapeutic heat for hands and feet.

Aromatherapy / 10

The use of pure essential oils to enhance physical and mental relaxation and well being.

Reflexology / 15

Techniques that are applied to hands, feet, and ears that correspond to areas of the body.

Trigger Point / 15

Deep stagnant pressure applied to pain related, irritable points in the skeletal muscle.

Body Scrub Treatment / 55 full body, 15 per area

A warm body polish that is a used to exfoliate as well as moisturizes in one treatment.

Parafango Treatment / 15 per area

Parafango combines mineral rich sea mud and paraffin. Heat from the paraffin penetrates deep into the muscle tissue to relieve chronic muscle tension.

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